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Preparing For Exhibitions

By November 1, 2016Art
Preparing Art Exhibitions Scott Denholm Ocean Art

I’m asked from time to time what is it like being an artist and what is in a typical day. The following video that I’ve cut together gives you a little run down of what a recent day looked like as I was organising my paintings for a group exhibition on the Gold Coast. It’s not a ‘typical’ day as such, simply because I’m not organising paintings for galleries every day – but it is a semi-common thing that I need to do.

More often than not I will work 16+ hour days. Mostly because I need to to get everything done and the days leading up to this exhibition were no exception.

Not only do I paint as much as possible, but I run my own art macro business – this includes liaising with galleries, there’s artwork logistics, reaching out to new galleries for representation and exhibitions, there’s competition applications, communicating with collectors, potential clients, people who want to do workshops, writing blogs, doing interviews, exhibition proposals, networking, marketing, taxes and books, social media, promotions and branding, website maintenance, artwork listings, and a lot more I’m forgetting right now.

This is all just for my art. I also have other work (photography) and commitments, I’m writing a book which I’ve been in the process of for well over a year. I teach art workshops, train in traditional karate and the list goes on.

I know that sometimes social media can be a bit deceptive. It looks like I have a very chill work/life balance, which I do… but it doesn’t show everything – so I thought, for those who are interested, I would share a day with everyone.

I’m, planning more videos and some different behind-the-scenes type of stuff to let everyone in on what I get up to… kind of documenting my journey – I like the idea of full transparency, so this is part of that.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to know or see filmed, let me know in the comments or on your favourite social media.

Peace, love, surf respect


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