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Art Deco Posters Available Now

By March 28, 2019Art
Set of Art Deco Surf posters Kings Beach, Dicky Beach, Kings Beach Sunshine Coast - By Scott Denholm

I’m happy to announce that my series of art deco surf posters featuring 3 Sunshine Coast beaches is now available to purchase directly from me on my online shop.

Originally hand-painted, the posters are available as high-quality art prints mounted to metal and for the first time are available in various sizes to suit your budget and wall space. But if there is a size or specific mount that you would like and isn’t listed, please feel free to contact me and I will make a custom order for you.

Art deco surf posters Detailed information

For more detailed information on the specifications of the prints, please visit the product page.

The 3 art deco surf posters feature my hometown beaches around the Caloundra area on the Sunshine Coast, Moffat Beach featuring the famous pioneer surfers Ma & Pa Bendall. Dicky Beach featuring remnants of the beaches’ namesake wreck of the SS Dicky. And lastly Kings Beach featuring local iconic landmarks the Kings Beach Pavilion and the Glasshouse Mountains.

More art deco surf posters

I know these art deco surf posters are very localised and most people outside of the Sunshine Coast won’t be familiar with the beaches. Because of this, I am producing more surf related art deco posters and I’d love to know if there’s a location you’d like me to paint.

I currently have a list of about 45 famous surf breaks and beaches from around the world. But if there might be an iconic place I’ve missed, so if there’s enough demand, I’ll definitely add your suggestion to the list!

Why art deco surf posters?

I’ve always had a fascination with the art deco period and after unsuccessfully searching for beach and surf related art deco artwork, I decided to paint my own. My fascination was raised to a new level when at uni I studied a few modern art deco inspired artists such as Michael Kungl. This lit a fire some 17 years ago and i’ve been exploring this fascination much more in the last few years.

The initial popularity of these three posters have inspired and motivated me to continue with this series – so please keep an eye on this space, because I have some big plans coming.