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Making eco-friendly art with Scott Denholm – Art Juice Podcast

By April 21, 2021Art
Art Juice Podcast Making eco-friendly art with Scott Denholm episode 117

I recently had a great conversation with Alice Sheridan, co-host of the amazing Art Juice Podcast. We chat about my process of making eco-friendly art and the subsequent book I have published (The Artist Guide To Eco-Friendly Art) from that experience.

It’s such an in-depth subject of conversation and as with any time I talk about it, I feel like I only scratched the surface – luckily that’s what the book is for. We get into the interesting topics of my recommendations for things like linen versus cotton canvas, ethical brushes, packaging, waste-water disposal and the age-old question of eco-friendly paints for artists.

As most people do, she asks me where or how to start and I assured Alison she is already doing a great job and it takes just one small change to get started.

Listen to the episode above or on your favourite podcast app.